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My Love of my life

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Woordless wednesday <3


Wee.. olla,
  Actually aku tak tahu ape nak tulis.. really blur and I stuck in my house for almost 10 days.. ohh this is really not a good thing.
  But tomorrow is the day nak buka jahit  for my appendectomy last week.. hooyeay.. hope nothing bad happen and no more bad news.. will go see pakar right after doing that. Nervous giler.. luckily my hubby always there for me.. I might have idea to conteng in my dear chocstrawberies after that..
  Pray for good thing to come over and over. Got to go. That picture shows what I eat everyday.. :)
                    ^ _ ^

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Appendiks menyerangku

Wee.. olla..
Assalamualaikum. Sekarang just nak share my worst experience I ever had in my life.. I was diagnosed by Doctor that I have appendiks.. huhu..

Actually it happens tiba2 time tgh menyapu sampah.. perut rase cramp smpi nak jalan pon sakit.. so pegi klinik Dr kata mungkin appendiks and kene refer hospital.. huhu its true and kene operate. Tapi skrg aku da kat rumah.. berpantang mcm org lepas bersalin.. uhuk..uhuk..

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My Wedding (NIKAH Part II)

Wee,, Olla,

Assalamualaikum, yeay manage to fix some of the url.. yang penting the nuffnang.. Kalau pemurah click la as usual cam tak biase..

Ok the Part II for the nikah picture.. Taraaaa...

Wait.. there are more.. my wedding picture on reception day and outdoor.. Kalau tengok mesti jatuh hati.. (pasan kan?) hehe.. Tapi just tgk jer nanti k..

That's all

Blog service..Help needed...

Wee.. olla,

Assalamualaikum, actually ak pening kepala n mc kat rumah.. huhu.. boring.. and ak tention giler tgk my blog.. ade tak orang yang boleh buat balik my blog.. the url and everything sume kucar kacir.. huhu.. anyone can help me pls let me know.. just drop komen kat entry nie ok..

anak buah ku yang amaaaaat nakal.. 


Monday, 1 April 2013

My Wedding Photo (NIKAh Part 1)

Wee.. Olla..

Assalamualaikum and good morning.. hehe

ok today mood nak share gamba kawin.. so i called this part 1.. Walaupun da lapan bulan kawin kan.. mane taw boleh bg inspiration tuk orang lain.. hehe..Lets started with gambar nikah k..

A special gift for HIM

Aku terima nikahnya, me..me..
Listen carefully..
Now sign.. aku janji
Saya pun janji...
This one is for me, specially for HER
Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang..
Ok thats all..