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My Love of my life

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Yeay... Da kahwin

Wee.. Olla,

First of all Assalamualaikum for all muslims and hai for non muslims..
Anyway i just want to story about what happen since 3 months I've been my cyuk's wife.. hooray..hooray..

I didn't imagine that life as a wife this great.. See how happy i am now.. anyway now we already moved to our own house, i meant we rent the house but apparently it's ours for time been.. We have nothing but bedroom set.. a television and a coffee table which i used to put the tv.. huhu.. we want to start with crawling until we can run.. I mean start with no help by other people... yes we can.. hehe poyo tak? Tapi kalau ader nak bagi set meja makan ke.. set sofa ke.. kami terima.. haha

Ok, thats all for warming up my little fingers yang da keras and otak yang da membeku sehingga negative degree.. Will be seeing u again my chocstrawberies.. 

Tu jer sayang..
Luv me

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