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Friday, 13 April 2012

You are the number one for me

Wee.. olla..

Hye my strawberies and my readers if any.. haha.. lame sangat neglected this blog.. too bz doing wedding preparation.. Oh ya.. a lot to share with U actually. Ape lagi.. how i made my wedding preparation la.. 

Sekarang sangat serabut with a lot of things.. kepala rase nak pecah... Rumah blum siap cat lagi.. Tilam belum beli sbb bilik belom siap cat.. huhu.. malas nak serabutkan ruang.. will update on the preparation later.. But i already bought the hantaran and baju untuk bonda siblings and my my flower girls & boys.. hehe 

I also already decide on what kind of door gift to give to my guess. But tak beli lagi sbb takde tempat nak letak. 

Not forget my hantaran to him.. already decide on what theme and color to use.. Tapi tak beli lagi sbb takde mase lagi nak pegi and still surveying place to buy mane taw ade tempat yang lagi murah.. hehe budget la katakan... 

Lastly the cake.. This is the most easy decision i can make.. Banyak gambar kat internet boleh jadikan reference. hehe.. contoh kat bawah nie..

Ok la.. tu jer.. takde ape da nak tulis.. Nanti kite update lagi. Lalala

Lastly, Thats all for today,

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