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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bride to Be

Wee.. Olla,

Hi all, lame giler tak update blog nie.. cian dier.. actually i just change my blog url from sayurikawai to lino-chiaki hehe.. Why? because i dont really comfortable my fren from my workplace reading it. It is like no privacy. Like i only wanted to share my blog content with my follower and blogger. Hope they will not find my blog again..

Ok, back to the title. Actually my mr fiance and i decided to have our wedding on June, July or August 2012 (not decided yet). So, from now on i wanted to follow and read and update all activities about wedding. I really surprise found a lot of blogger blog about their journey on bride to be.. They really inspired me.. wah..

As for the start we have our first meeting today. I already make a budget list for my fiance to see.. Luckily he agreed.. Yezza.. suka sangat. So, tomorrow we will go to the pejabat agama to ask about kursus kahwin.. hehe.. Good move right? or not? Dont know.. Any opinion?

Ok la that's all for the beginning.. Will update on every detail of my preparation to u all.. Excited sangat...

So, tu je cayang
Luv me

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